Welcome to the Eanes ISD WIFI (Westlake Initiative for Innovation) Pilot site, where we will chronicle the stages of a campus-wide iPad rollout at Westlake High School.

For the 2011-2012 school year, the Westlake High School campus has distributed iPads to all junior and senior students, as well as teachers, administrators, librarians, and counselors.  In addition, students in other classes who applied to be part of the pilot have received iPads as well.

Entering 2012-2013, all 9-12 students have received iPads, as well as all 8th graders in the district.

The site will host descriptions of innovative iPad uses in classrooms, video tutorials and analysis by teachers, lists of apps we have found useful, and processes the district has used to distribute iPads in a large scale deployment .

The hope is to provide guidance and support to other schools venturing down this road in the future.  Welcome to the site!