Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Transition from Analog to Digital Portfolios...

Within a 1:1 iPad initiative, the natural progression of student work often transitions from analog to digital or a hybrid of the two. Asked to deliver a session on resumes and online portfolios to this year's Mentorship classes, I developed a Smore of some useful resources. One of the tools shared during this initial time with students was bulb. A few students really latched on to the tool as way to create a professional looking portfolio that could travel with them beyond high school and a means to present their experience and findings throughout the semester on their field of study.  

Chelsea Capezutti, mentorship teacher provides a little more insight in to the final semester product: 
"Each year students in these classes present a final presentation summarizing their experience throughout the semester of their professional mentorship. Yasmeen chose to create an online portfolio through bulb. This was an amazing example of creativity and truly exceeded my expectations in so many ways."

Visual Portfolios

Yasmeen Tizani, a WHS Senior, gravitated to bulb and created an exceptional portfolio of her work. Her bulb includes three collections: Art, Architecture Mentorship, and Architecture at UT

Yasmeen found that the tool was very easy to use and navigate and plans to, "add (additional) artworks, other architecture projects, and collections about internships so that future employers and people inquiring about (her) abilities and work can see what (she is) capable of quickly and easily."


This bulb site is truly a fluid visual portfolio. Yasmeen popped in a few times over the semester to get my feedback on the layout and any ideas for improvement of the content. We discussed adding blurbs on each art piece that highlighted both the inspiration for the work as well as the process and media used to create it. 

Design Tips

  • Custom Images: Yasmeen noticed that when working with bulb, you have to "make sure to pay attention to the size of the pictures and what gets cut out" of the tiles. She began using the tool Canva to create some of the custom images for her tiles. 
  • Hybrid Collections: Yasmeen created a mentorship portfolio that combined a unique blend of analog and digital work from scanned log sheets and journal entries, photographs of hand-drawn sketchbooks, to images of Sketch Up designs and photographs of the final product.

Future Planning

Yasmeen even included a collection of her work from the UT Architecture Program. The collection seamlessly blends photos from her presentations as well as the evolution of her final product through multiple iterations. 

While this bulb was ultimately created as a means to collect and present reflections and findings for the semester course, Chelse Capezutti hopes that it will: 

"be something that (Yasmeen) can continue to build upon as her experiences get deeper."

Bulb is a free tool available to students and teachers. Check out Yasmeen's bulb portfolio HERE.

Stay tuned for info about future updates to this project. As we progress into our fifth year, we will also continue to reflect upon the changes to classroom, pedagogy, and instruction throughout our 1:1 iPad implementation.

If interested in ePortfolios or Visible Thinking Portfolios, visit this collection of resources.

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