Friday, February 21, 2014

World Language Embraces Technology

From formative and summative assessment to student projects, World Languages has incorporated the iPad in a variety of instructional settings and situations to best meet students needs.

Mari Albright offers an acronym, i.P.a.d., for how iPads are used in World Language Lessons:

  • i: Inquiry/Discovery-Learning
  • P: Presentations
  • a: Authentic practice (native speakers - music videos, songs, commercials)
  • d: Developing/Supporting Study Habits

She has also collected apps and tools from the department that support each element of the acronym (see image below or download the PDF version).

Below are few of the more recent examples of how these devices are being integrated into all facets of listening, speaking, reading, and writing World Languages.

Latin: Translations with iMovie and Google Drive 

Natalie Cannon's class uses the Google Drive app to collaboratively translate a document.

An additional spin on translating Latin passages is to create an iMovie trailer based on the translation using the iMovie app.

Truly, the iPad allows students to creatively translate the passages in a variety of ways.

German: Explain Everything Presentations

Scott Gardner's class uses the Explain Everything app to address the speaking and presenting component of a shopping assignment.

They also utilize the app to provide a German weather report with their own audio narration.

American Sign Language: Video Assessments and Green Screen Movies

Barbara Vinson uses iPads to assess student's sign language translations using the iPad video camera and eBackpack.

Vinson's class also uses a combination of iPads and laptops to prepare their Green Screen Dream Home ASL project. Their iPad serves as a teleprompter.

Spanish 1-3: Projects & Formative Assessment with Nearpod

Margaret Ellis' Spanish 1 class tackles a family tree project using Popplet...

... and Spanish 2 summarize their winter break using Bill Atkinson PhotoCard.

Margaret also uses Nearpod with her Spanish 2 and 3 as a way to get real time language assessments. Each student receives the photo prompt and offers their own text response. 

With this instantaneous student input, she is able to address misconceptions and errors in real time with the class.

Spanish 3: Projects & Choice

Mari Albright's Spanish 3 classes research an Olympian and create a multimedia presentation that includes, text, images, and a speaking component. 

Students are given the option to orally present live in front of the class or embed videos and/or audio narration within their presentation that effectively explains the information while also addressing tense, speaking fluency, and presentation skills.

If you are interested in learning more about the World Language department and iPad integration, visit some of the past posts:
Stay tuned for info about future updates to this project. As we progress through this year, we will also continue to reflect upon the changes to classroom, pedagogy, and instruction throughout our 1:1 iPad implementation.

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