Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The WIFI pilot in action: observations from a visitor

In January, Westlake hosted a group of visitors from surrounding school districts to view the iPad pilot in action, taking them to visit classrooms and meet with key staff members who handled the implementation of the pilot.

Lisa Johnson, an instructional technologist and iPad app expert, shares her impressions of the visit on her blog, including some interesting interviews with students and an inside look at the use of iPads in a variety of classrooms.

One of the most powerful moments she shared was a conversation with a student, who commented that having the iPad made them feel like the school trusted them to be responsible.   When we invite students as owners in their own learning and technology, they are very responsive to that.  It's something we've witnessed here as students in all types of classes become more responsible at managing their own organizational methods, learning and creating.

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your impressions!

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