Monday, October 3, 2011

Paperless Classroom and the iPad

As we move through this iPad pilot, there will be stages of use--as we move from the simpler and more immediate benefits to those that are more complex.

But as one of our campus teachers shares in the video below, one of the most immediate (and enthusiastic!) benefits of iPad use has been helping teachers create more paperless classrooms, which makes life more efficient for both our staff and our students.

Teacher Ilham Abusalbi shares the benefits for her classroom:

We are tracking the cost savings in terms of paper and machines on campus, but the intangible is what Abusalbi shares here--the time and energy it saves teachers and students who are not having to "shuffle" papers so much of the day. The time a teacher doesn't spend standing at copiers or shuffling papers is more time spent with students, a definite benefit and much more efficient use of teacher time!

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