Friday, October 21, 2011

Creative Possibilities?

As our teachers are discovering, having 1:1 iPads affords many creative approaches to instruction.

In Social Studies AP Human Geography, our teachers are trying out the use of Zapd, a free app that allows students to instantly create a blog site via their iPad.  As students study natural hazards, they create an instant blog to share the information they locate.

In French, students use the iPad's video camera to tape and share skits that they have created.

In AP Environmental Science, students are even using iPads  to take a mostly paperless test, by scanning a QR code which takes them to a Google Form.   The Google Form can be set up through a "script" called Flubaroo to automatically grade the test and email the student the grade.  

In American Sign Language, students are using Keynote to create presentations.  The versatility of Keynote allows them to embed images and text, but also video of themselves signing.  Students created the video below, sharing tips on using Keynote for other teachers, using the iPad's camera.

Apps can also be used by students to create their own "texts" or ePub documents with embedded images and video. Some excellent resources for creative app use in the classroom can be found on the Tech Chef's website.  Check out our APPS page for more links and app recommendations to explore more of the creative possibilities the iPad offers.


  1. You are very generous to take the time to share the details of this project with the rest of us. I will be watching with great interest. Thank you.

  2. Attention WIFI people... what's really needed is an app that incorporates skyward and the teachers' calendars. How it could work:
    First, ALL the teachers have to populate a consistent calendar with their homework assignments, test, projects etc. After the kids get their teacher assignments at the beginning of the semester, they log into the app and designate what teachers' calendars they need access to. That will in turn pull the assignments from each of their teachers into a single calendar on the ipad. This calendar will be updated real-time as the teachers update their assigments. The kids can then view their daily overall calendar to see what assigments are due , or drill down to the individual course to see what assigments will be coming as well as their current grade for that class.